Innovation and Creativity

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Creativity training

We are all creative!  Just like a muscle, creativity works, trains and strengthens with the right kind of exercise.

Thanks to creativity, we can better meet the challenges of daily life, at work and in life, in general.

Creativity can be measured and evaluated individually, and as a team. It is possible to measure and assess individual preferences for the different phases of the creative process. These preferences guide our actions and choices. To know them makes us more efficient individually and as a team.

Finally, there are very effective methods to stimulate, develop and accelerate ideas and management.

Our courses allow you to:

- Know your creative profile, your creative way of thinking (your creative MO)

- Learn effective ways to enhance your creative potential

- Stimulate your creative potential within a team


Creative sessions facilitation

Expand your Creative footprint… Evangelize… Expand the Reach of Creativity… Multiply ideas to find new solutions adapted to current issues … If that is your ambition, Crea & Co helps you master the creative techniques to become you, yourself, an orchestra leader of creative sessions.

This training addresses the following issues:

- how to compose an optimal group

- how to create and encourage a creative climate to open the group to new ideas

- how to choose creativity techniques adapted to the problems posed

- how to “diverge” or brainstorm constructively to generate ideas

- how to “converge” to select and develop the most appropriate innovative solutions

- how to prepare the group for action


Innovation Management

Are you responsible for innovation management in your company? Responsible for a participatory approach to innovation, or an R & D department?  Then this training will give you the keys to manage innovation at all stages!

You learn how to stimulate through three key areas of innovation management:

- How to create a creative climate conducive to the emergence of ideas in business

- How to organize a personnel network to act in the heart of the organization

- What tools to use to transform the company into an “innovation machine”


Transforming insights into customer market innovations 

Innovating through the insights and societal trends is the goal of this training. Ideally targeted for an audience of project managers, product marketing groups, those responsible for innovation, R & D, marketing, training, etc.

You will learn:

- Methods to capture trends and translate them into consumer insights

- Creative methods to turn these insights into new ideas for the market

- Techniques to develop these ideas into innovative consumer solutions

- How to transform these solutions into marketing offers


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