Creativity workshops

Whether in search of a new company, brand, or product name, a new business model or SBU (e.g. to attack an emerging market), an innovative process for conducting routine business more efficiently, new marketing solutions, products, or services, or simply a more productive way of working together (e.g. communicating, distributing work, collaborating more effectively …), Crea & Co assists you in structuring your creative process to make it more effective and productive.

With execution based on the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) method, and other noted creativity tools (e.g. forced connections, mind mapping, divergence, convergence, Bono hats, etc.) combined with 15+ years experience in driving creative sessions, Crea & Co will deliver the “goods” you need to drive change in your company:

- Generation of new ideas to meet challenges of all sorts

- Leading sessions to aid in the search for new ideas and innovative solutions to challenges or problems the organization faces in an ever changing marketing environment

From problem recognition to implementation of innovative solutions, Crea & Co can help. Contact us!

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